Monday, February 11, 2013

How Life Works

It's important for us to remember what certain things in life are important. If you were to ask anyone, they'd probably tell you that the most important things in life aren't things... what are they, then? 

American culture idolizes fame, money, celebrity and anything larger than its original version. I believe that our society is plagued with obesity, depression and lack of fulfillment in human life because we are seeking out the wrong types of fulfillment. 

We live in a physical world. We are constantly buying and surrounding ourselves with new matter to make our lives more meaningful. We search for things that we can have that will leave us feeling satisfied. But this satisfaction doesn't last. 

We always want MORE. We can't seem to find just what it is that we feel like we need. 

But we feel it! We feel that there is something more, something greater than earning a paycheck, eating and repeating. We look to find satisfaction or greater understanding in religion, shopping centers, job security and our own well-being--"I'll be happy when my family is secure and I don't have to worry about finances, etc..."

Yeah, but there's still something missing. Our lives aren't enough. We're still missing something. I mean, since when is LIFE supposed to feel like it's not enough?! 

This hole in your being, this lack of fulfillment--that is the "missing" feeling. We are missing what we as human beings need most--a relationship with ourSelves. 

This relationship with your Self, or your highest consciousness, is the greatest source of love and energy in the entire universe. When we establish a connection to ourselves, when we've realized our own individuality and consciousness--our own godliness!--then we can start to discover what it is to lead a fulfilling life. 

The aim of most American businesses is to make money. Everyone in the U.S. needs money. We have to have money to survive: to buy food, transportation, clothing, shelter, resources, etc. 

Money is the means by which we receive the things we need in order for life to be carried out. 


We worship money.

Money allows for the inequity in distribution of resources on this planet. If money wasn't a concern, we would all have enough for ourselves and our families, and everything that we had in excess would be shared and given to those in need. This is what seems fair and rational. HUMANe. 

But instead, we allow money to flow in and around our economy. Some people are craftier about making money than others. Some people use their money to buy up resources. Some people use their money to buy and exploit other people. Some people use their money for good, but those people are much fewer than the people who don't. SO...

We have a culture that worships wealth and material success--BINGO. We're gonna be unhappy because we've already learned that physical/material things (MATTER) don't actually FULFILL us human beings. We need something more than what we're able to get our hands on physically. 

***This is because relationships are the most important aspect of human life.*** 

More importantly than money, we need relationships. If you have all the money in the world, but you have no one to share it with, it means nothing. 

Money doesn't make a business. People do. Money doesn't make more money--people do. PEOPLE ARE THE ONLY REASON MONEY MEANS ANYTHING! 

None of our lives--not one single thing--holds any meaning without the presence and well-being of other humans invested in your experience. This is where FULFILLMENT and MEANING come from. They are mutual agreements between humans to share in a beautiful life experience.  

Only we've gotten distracted. Now it's about stuff, success and money--"people suck." 

I know this feeling, and I know it well. I got weary of feeling heavy all the time, like I was the only one that felt connected to my fellow human beings. I can't stand to watch human suffering in movies--it literally makes me sick. I see what some humans do to other humans, and I get depressed. "How will we ever overcome?" We're meant to love each other and share meaning and be chill. That's it. It's easy. But somehow we manage to complicate life and finding/creating meaning into this unattainable thing you work your whole life for and then never have. That sucks--that LIFE sucks--because there's no meaning in it and you withdraw yourself (your Self) from what it needs the most, which is love and human interaction. 

So, I get sick and tired of feeling unfulfilled by the life that so many were content with following that I started writing and asking questions. I embarked upon a quest to find my Self, my True Self, in which I did a lot of writing, thinking, meditating and reading. 

But what helped me was sitting down and having a conversation with myself. I wrote about what I felt. That's all I knew to do. 

It felt visceral, like I was being moved, or pulled. I was being pushed to do something. 

ACTION WAS NECESSARY. So I started writing. And as I got better at writing what I felt, I got better at recognizing how I felt and why I felt the way that I did. 

I came to four important realizations: 

1. My life experience is a direct result of the choices I make in dealing with that "life" experience

2. Feelings (or instincts) are our greatest physicalization or manifestation of a "divine" or extra-physical/metaphysical consciousness tethered to our body (basically feelings are tethers of energy that are given to our physical manifestation of our Self by our highest consciousness or "Self" to help guide us through difficult life obstacles, hence the expression "go with your gut, listen to your heart, etc.")

3. The universe is comprised of consciousness, which is an energetic substance that ebbs and flows through the universe just as it does our own minds. Our most basic form of consciousness is our recognition of ourselves as intelligent beings. However our consciousness is tethered to our metaphysical Self, our "soul." In other words, the physical versions of ourselves--our Selves--are tethered psycho-spiritually and energetically (via the brain, i.e. pineal gland) to the purest version of our consciousness. This is The Entity Which We Truly Are. 

4. The universe does not care about just or unjust, dead or alive, right or wrong. The universe is a balance. Balance is key. By our creator, whatever that force be, we are conscious beings and able to make choices for ourselves. Our choices create the universe in which we live, as do our thoughts. This universe and all of the circumstances contained within it are a direct result of the combined decisions and thoughts of humanity and other forms of life. THIS IS CALLED FREE WILL. If you believe we have free will, then you cannot argue that God is the one to blame for any kind of suffering or injustice on earth. This last realization is perhaps the most important: GOD IS BLAMELESS. We are technically made in the image of God, meaning that we are capable of what a god is capable of. This is true. However, this also means that God is not responsible for any of the stupid stuff we do to each other or ourselves. TAKE SOME RESPONSIBILITY.

So, whenever we're about to do something wrong, we feel bad/sad/guilty/angry/remorseful, etc... This is because we know that our physical actions have not done justice to our True Self. When we do bad things, or things we know we shouldn't do, we feel bad because our physical actions did not coincide with the experience our soul or True Self/Consciousness wants for us--the experience we want for ourselves (the Self).  

Think of your soul as God. Our souls are the greatest versions of our Selves that exist. Our souls are the best versions of ourselves. When we're given this beautiful physicality to play around in for a few years, to see what we can share with each other, we are made to forget what our consciousnesses know to be True. We forget these things so that we get an original experience (every time, if you believe in reincarnation). 

However, our universe is not so cruel or unbalanced that we are left to figure things out entirely on our own... our spiritual counterparts that are not bound to this physicality are able to offer us wisdom and guidance, if we ask. 

Many people expect to hear it, read it or simply come to know this divine wisdom--many deny its existence. 

However, we all know what it's like to have a bad feeling. An intuition. A premonition. A feeling. You don't know what it is, but you can't describe it. It just doesn't feel right. 

Or maybe it does! Maybe you feel led to write, or speak, to lead others to this wisdom, to a happier way of life! 

Either way, humans know these feelings. They are powerful and are often spoken of as being felt in the stomach (visceral) or the heart. We really feel it in the core of our being, though. It's not in your intestines; there's no place in the heart from which feelings spring... They are not of the mind; they are not of a physical origin. 

If our universe is a large-scale version of a brain (see first post), then these "feelings" are the electrical impulses that parts of the brain send to us to relay important information. Some people deny that these feelings have any real significance beyond the way you feel in your mind... but we all know that it feels good to do what we feel is right. We always feel good after doing the right thing, or helping a fellow human being. 

This is the exact same thing. When you feel good because you've done something good, it's your soul's way of saying, "This is the kind of thing I was meant to do!" Keep it up. 

That's your Self/consciousness' way of letting you know that you're right with the universe. You're doing good, vibing good vibes--and other people will notice that you feel good! It's attractive to feel good, and to do good. The satisfaction we get from helping ourselves and others at the same time is incomparable to material satisfaction... for some reason, feelings are stronger when they are shared between people.

This is how prayer works! Read the post on prayer! We know that feelings are manifestations of divine wisdom, and this way there's no way we can confuse it with something physical or something mental. 

You feel it instead of thinking it. 

Finally, I love this video of Will Smith talking about what he wants for himself. It's relevant because he literally describes the flow of the universe, and how he makes a point to create the life he wants for himself and for others. This short clip illustrates how someone using their celebrity is trying to affect real change in the universe, and it's working. Don't believe me? Compare your life to his and get back to me. 

Will Smith, you are one righteous dude. 

Friday, February 1, 2013

The Earth Is Our Responsiblity (Yours and Mine)

The recent weather forecasts have been awfully uncharacteristic for these winter months. On top of that, meteorologists had to come up with what to call the super storm from the summer of 2012--"el derecho," which in Spanish means "straight..." I don't know. Maybe I'm a cynic (definitely), but I feel like the Earth has been slowly awakening...

I was lifting weights when the Louisa County, VA earthquake struck. I was on my last set of curls at my gym in Lynchburg, and engaged in an intense stare with myself in the mirror. Here comes rep number fourteen... and all of a sudden the mirror starts to shake. Growing with intensity, the entire building is shaking now and weights are falling off the racks. "I AM GOD--" I thought for about a split second as I saw my face reddening, and then I realized what exactly was happening.

And the tsunamis out East--Sri Lanka, Japan... the earthquake in Chile in 2008... I don't know, man.

I can't help but think the Earth has been snoozing the last few hundred years. Enter 'genius' humans who start the industrial revolution and spend 150 years trashing the house. Earth's gonna be up in a couple of hours and we've gotta clean this place up before we get taught a lesson.

I wrote this to myself the other day:

Fear not the ways of men. The Earth, in time, will solve any political struggle or economic injustice. All will be set right. There is a natural balance in our universe and on our planet. If we don't respect that balance--if we don't maintain the equilibrium, the Earth has no choice but to intervene and maintain order. And it won't have to do it through secretive means. It's not a government agency that operates behind closed doors and with no transparency; Earth is in your face. Radical weather, radical change. No warning, no voting, nothing.

The Earth will have its way with us. We ought to be focusing on solving global climate issues instead of arguing over how much debt we're going to allow ourselves to have, who can smoke what, and who can't marry who. We need to fix our planet, and our ways of thinking (and consuming!). We need to worry about what our planet is doing. The Earth has been telling us things. It has been giving us warnings, and yet the common people aren't willing to change their lives to do anything about it. We're not listening--I know I'm guilty of it. Well, the Earth is raising its voice. And unless we can stop thinking about the Earth as capital instead of life-space, and change the way we relate to it, I don't know if humans (all of us, anyway) will be able to make it.

Or we find another planet... I guess that's typical lazy-human fashion. "This planet's practically wasted at this point, we should probably stop."

"Or we waste it till it's dead, and eventually we'll have to find a new one."

"Yeah, the second one."

Like, what the hell?! The WORLD (you know, the planet, Earth) will not change unless WE make a CONSCIOUS decision to change OURSELVES.

If writing has taught me anything, it's that I do it because I want others to change, but more so because it helps ME change.

"Be the change you wish to see in the world." Gandhi said that, and it's cliche by now, but I finally understand what he meant. The world can't change unless people change. Guess what: we're people. I am a person. Therefore, I am responsible. I have to change.

We have to be willing to take on these issues by ourselves if we have to! We are responsible. That's the issue with humans. There are so many of us that the blame gets evenly distributed and it doesn't feel all that bad. But that means that all we have to do in order to change it is a tiny gesture--recycling, not buying so much, using local goods and services, etc. We all have the capacity to solve real-world problems. That's what people do. But there are so many of us now that unless we all take part and realize what's at stake, we stand to suffer a great deal.

Choose to play an active role in life. Create a dynamic experience for yourself. Do not be subject to meaningless patterns and routines. Think for yourself. Act for yourself and for the good of others. And be cool to the Earth--that's it.

I would like to leave you with two quotes. The first is from a legend of a man, William Cooper, a radio personality, author and patriot, who was murdered by federal agents dressed as teenagers outside of his home two months after he broadcast details from U.S. intelligence regarding 9/11 that suggested the government had prior knowledge of the attack.

He proclaims, "If you’re not walking on the razor blade, you’re really living in a kind of death-existence. You have to have that danger facing you, that "if I slip I’m dead." That’s what makes you live; that’s what gives you life; that’s what gives you purpose.  Any man or woman who does not have principles for which they are ready and willing to die at any given moment is already dead and are of no use or consequence to themselves or anyone else, and will be unhappy for the rest of their life. Like it or not, everything is changing. The result will be the most wonderful experience in the history of mankind or the most horrible enslavement that you can imagine. Be active or abdicate. The future is in your hands.” 

And the second:

In the words of one of my favorite bands, Born of Osiris, "we are the victims, but we are also the crime... and the only one who can judge us is the Earth in time."

The video to the song "Follow the Signs," from which the above lyric was taken, is a semi-cheesy CGI representation of a conscious being being sucked into a black hole and arriving in a room full of clergy dressed like they're from the middle ages. It's hella weird, but pretty cool. Oh, and the clergy are lizards... but I didn't really need to tell you that.