Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Sleep Sci-Fy

I am convinced that sleep is the most tangible (as in physical) psycho-spiritual experience that we as humans are able to understand, or at least remember. Sleep is the key to understanding our earthly lives.

Sleep interested me a while back when I was trying to understand how humans consume energy. We take in food and water, and our bodies absorb energy and nutrients necessary to keep the engine running. But no matter how much we consume, even with all the energy drinks and caffeine, we still end up crashing, conking out, dozing off--for whatever reason, WE LOSE CONSCIOUSNESS.

It literally is taken from our bodies. Even though we have enough nutrients to maintain body processes, for some reason our mental energy is zapped and we simply lose consciousness.

This is when stuff gets weird.

My dear friend and counterpart in the universe, Will, once illustrated sleep in a sci-fy fashion, and it's puzzled me ever since. Think about it this way:

1. Humans get tired. They yawn. They slow down.
2. They go into an entirely separate room whose (not necessarily sole) purpose is to carry out SLEEP
3. They strip off clothing until they're almost naked...
4. They turn off all the lights!
5. They climb onto a platform and lie down on it
6. Once situated on the platform, they cover themselves up with layers of fabric.
7. Then, all of a sudden the brain switches off all consciousness.

It literally shuts down without warning. One second you're awake and having strange thoughts, and then you're out. You haven't gone anywhere, but you don't feel like you're in your body. You're just asleep. You don't remember sleep; you don't know what you were thinking about or what your brain was doing while you were unconscious, but your brain was active--very active.

8. Then, just as suddenly as your consciousness left or was taken, it fills your body in an instant and your eyes crack open as if to resume life's activities.

My theory on all of this is that we are tied to our consciousness metaphysically somehow. Think about it in an energetic sense: imagine you are tethered to your metaphysical consciousness via an energetic signal specific to your physical manifestation of Self (consciousness).

I don't know for sure, but I am willing to bet it takes a fair amount of energy for our consciousnesses (or Selves, as I like to call it/them) to be physically connected to an earthly avatar, or in our case, our bodies. It makes sense that there exists an energetic tie or connection between our physical existence and our metaphysical consciousness.

So, when we get tired, it's our consciousness' way (or our Self's way) of saying, "Hey, it's been a long day. Earth is a very tiring place. Rest your physical body and give your consciousness a break from all of the stimuli and electrical impulses. It's a miracle you guys haven't fried your brains with all of the stuff you put yourselves through..."

And we fall asleep... and we love it. Sleep is so gooooood. We all love a good night's sleep. In today's society, we worship sleep. You can spend thousands of dollars on mattresses, tempur-pedic beds, pillows that conform to the flab on your ass, and pills that will KEEP you asleep.

WE WORSHIP SLEEP. We relish it. It is obviously something that is important to every human being. When we don't get enough, we're absolute jerks about it. And we all know why that person is being a jerk: they need a nap.

Even kids! ESPECIALLY KIDS. Kids' consciousnesses haven't yet been stomped and snuffed out by public education, politics, SOLs, SATs, break-ups, taxes, and all of the ways of our society that are made to encapsulate us and strip us of our inherent greatness.

Kids consciousness' are very susceptible to these metaphysical connections ((speculatively because their pineal gland (a producer of the believed physical connection to a metaphysical consciousness, DMT) has not yet had the opportunity to shrink)). Children often speak of lingering memories from "past lives," or talk about being visited in their dreams, etc.

Children need healthy amounts of sleep because their consciousness and their physical connection to it is still very fragile at a young age. I think some children are able to recall memories/experiences from past lives; it is also my opinion that children (because of the pineal gland) are extra-susceptible to metaphysical or inter-dimensional contact.

My youngest brother, by the age he had grasped talking and sharing information, would often describe experiences that he had as an old man. He talked about doing things "when he used to be an old man."

Without ever having been at such a young age, Daniel did his best to describe a time in which he went bowling. He'd never been bowling as "Daniel," but for some reason he could tell us about a specific visit to the bowling alley "when he was an old man." This kid was literally two and three years old relating experiences he had as an elderly guy prior to being born as my brother. And he would relate the details with such conviction--this kid knew what he had literally been doing ANOTHER LIFE. He was still conscious of it. He couldn't tell you about it now because that bit of his consciousness has been forgotten, just as all of our divine knowledge is forgotten so that we can more fully experience life, and create meaning in it.

So children may have lingering consciousness/memories from past lives when their consciousness enters a fetus 49 days after gestation--that is, when the pineal gland (producer of consciousness-detaching molecule, DMT) is fully formed in the brain.

Another kind of metaphysical connection shared between two spiritual entities:

When I was 3 or 4 years old, I had a dream in which my great-grandmother's boyfriend, Woody, came and saw me. Woody and I never really knew each other at all... I met him when I was two years old at a family reunion in Little Rock, AR. For some reason, Woody and I shared an uncanny relationship. If I was crying, Woody would look at me and smile to make me stop. He'd bounce me on his knee to get me to calm down... It was as if we already knew each other, or as if I could recognize his consciousness. We were instant friends, and I mean inseparable.

He came to me while I was asleep. He stepped into my mind, a pure whiteness that was all-surrounding. He seemed to step through it and approach me. He woke me by calling my name. I never heard it externally, but I knew it inside my head. He said, "John Morgan."

"Hey, Woody."

"I came to say goodbye."

"Where are you going, Woody?"

"I'm going on a pic-nic. I'll see you later."

"I'll see you later, Woody."

And just like that, he vanished. I woke up that morning and told my mom about my dream, that Woody came to me in my sleep and told me goodbye. He told me that he was going on a picnic because at 3 years old, I wouldn't understand death. This way, I wasn't worried about it. I was comforted by the fact that he'd come to see me. But it puzzles me to this day that he said, "see you later."

My mom received a phone call that very morning saying Woody had died in his sleep.

For whatever reason or circumstance that existed between Woody's and my consciousnesses in the past, he found the way to tell me goodbye and that he'd "see me later."

I remember this dream like I had it last night. The whiteness was unmistakable, and now that I understand more about consciousness and the science behind sleep, I find this phenomenon harder to ignore.

Another phenomenon I would like to highlight is astral projection. A lot of people say it's not real, or that it doesn't exist. But it does, and it's been proven by science. In this case, human beings are able to detach their consciousness from their physical body, making travel through space (and therefore time) virtually limitless.

Have you ever seen the movie Insidious? The concept is explored in this psychological thriller / horror film from 2010. Basically, this couple's kid goes into a coma because his consciousness can't find its way back to his physical body on Earth. What ensues is a series of attempts by a malignant demon to possess the boy's body to wreak havoc on Earth. DASHICRAY.

What's even weirder about the prospect of astral projection? One of my very own brothers suffered night terrors, which I believe could be linked to astral projection.

Night terrors is a weird sleep phenomenon that occurs most commonly in young children, usually in pre-adolescent stages. After puberty, the occurrence of nightmares is curbed significantly through adulthood.

My brother would have dreams where he was being followed, chased, attacked, even brutally stabbed. He would scream for the better part of a half-hour, twisting and turning, practically narrating his extra-dimensional experience. "I'm being stabbed! They're stabbing me! Help me! HELP ME!"

All the while, my parents are shaking him and trying to get him to snap out of it. They're literally shaking his entire body by the shoulders, trying to wake him up. Trying to get him to regain consciousness. 

Unfortunately for him, he was unable to find his way back before some kind of lingering energy affected him, or some traumatic experience was had. Some of you are thinking, "Whatever, it was just a nightmare." Well, that's exactly what I said and I brushed it off. Until it happened again and again.

He would tell me about certain ones he would remember... "Hide over here," one being said. He could recount instances in which he would be running from some kind of dread or darkness, a "bad feeling," and would eventually find someone who would help him. This might sound kind of outlandish or whack, but people who have near-death experiences or trip DMT often describe a similar experience: contact with other beings, feelings of safety and comfort, etc.


Sleep is a body process that allows us to detach our physical consciousness from our bodies (using the pineal gland and DMT secretions during sleep) and rest our Selves. Our consciousness is an entity not bound by a time-space continuum. It is infinite in its knowledge in the sense that our consciousness knows no bounds--when we're asleep.

But then we wake up, and just like being born to live another life, all of our consciousness-based knowledge is lost and hidden for us to encounter and find throughout the experiences of our lives.

Sleep is the physical connection to our metaphysical Selves, or that to which we are divinely connected. If we could somehow harness our consciousness in our sleep (aka lucid dreaming) then we can start to experience our unlimited powers and consciousness, and eventually manifest those powers here on Earth.

We only use a small portion of our brain... while we're awake. But sometimes we're dreaming so elaborately that we can't even shock ourselves awake using an alarm clock. The clock literally becomes part of the dream so that we fool ourselves into oversleeping. Your consciousness is not ready to come back yet. It's doing something.

I've often speculated that our dreams are separate physical extensions of our consciousnesses, or perhaps residual energetic ties to other beings' consciousness with whom we have had some sort of experience or interaction, be it earthly or metaphysical.

It's a lot to go into right now, and I know this has gotten away from me, but I implore you:

Research dream and sleep science, and the role of the pineal gland and DMT in detaching and forming consciousness. Read DMT: The Spirit Molecule by Dr. Rick Strassman -- I talked to this guy myself. He's the only doctor to ever experiment with DMT on human beings and write about it in a context of detaching consciousness from your physical existence...

...or in other words, leaving this world alive. His findings are indescribably interesting and surprisingly universal. It will definitely get you thinking outside of the box--even the universe.

In our sleep, our consciousness detaches itself from our physicality. Dimensions are opened, time and space cease to exist linearly. There is only existence. This is where our consciousness resides, inside our own minds but somehow removed from it. Sleep allows us to explore that which our dear mother Earth cannot explain or harness. On Earth, we are bound to the laws of physics because we are physical beings. But when we cease to exist as physical beings and take on a super-physical form, physics disappear and we are free to explore the universe at will--we are free to explore our minds.

Sweet dreams!

Monday, January 21, 2013

Prayer, or Whatever--The Will to Change

I hate the word "prayer." It's thrown way too many people off for far too long, myself included. Praying sounds cheesy, or at least it did to me--I didn't like the idea of prayer. For me today, prayer is a simple form of meditation, or conscious thought.

My whole life I've felt like, "Why should I rely on someone else for something that I can do myself?" Prayer seems like a procrastination technique, a way to put off taking responsibility for the aspects of our lives that need work. It seems like if I'm praying to God, that means I feel like it's something that I can't do myself. I feel like if I'm praying, I've already given up.

But this is not true! Praying as we know it is so much simpler than we give it credit for.  When we pray, we're asking for something, or saying thanks (usually). But praying to a "God" that may or may not exist can seem pretty abstract if you're not religious. Mad people are not down with prayer.

I think people are afraid of prayer.

For two reasons:
1. They're not religious or weird enough to spend anytime praying to some entity that isn't going to answer anyway
2. #1 is not the case at all and we're just afraid to ask for help.

I'm not a religious person. I'm very spiritual, but I do not and have never really depended on any kind of religious background. I was taught the Lord's Prayer in church, prayed before dinner, and even tried my hands at prayer after getting caught for sneaking out of my house. But I have only recently understood prayer in its real or universal capacity, which is the only one that matters!

When people pray, we are praying to our Selves rather than what people call "God." "God" is simply the term people assign to the energetic life-force that surrounds us in our physical lives. "God" is many things, but to me he doesn't listen to prayers and he's not a man. He's not a "he," either. "God" is inside us--"He" is the very power that exists within ourselves. We are made in his image, with his capabilities for creation, love, etc... So now that I know what I think "God" is for me, I can explain prayer.

Praying in its most basic form is THOUGHT. Thought is where our universe is created. We don't realize it, but we shape the very fabric of our lives with our thoughts. These thoughts are translated into universal energy that travels and extends from us, from our electro-magnetic fields, outward into the universe like the ripples from throwing a stone into a body of water. These ripples affect the other parts of the pond, some more drastically so than others. This is how prayer affects our lives.

We're literally petitioning the universe for whatever it is that we need in our lives: courage, strength, money, love, etc...

What we want for our lives starts out as thoughts. These thoughts or prayers are not listened to or heard, but more or less travel the universe; the more time and ENERGY we put into something, the more likely we will come to see it manifested. It could be you pray for good health, or financial stability--whatever it is--the universe is an extension of our own minds, and we can affect it with our will.

That's all prayer is--our own will. If we will it, so it will be. If you put your mind to it, you can accomplish anything. These are old adages that we've heard for years. But they're true on a universal scale.

We have the power to bless ourselves, and the power to ask for help. Prayer is a universal lifeline, if you will.

In order for this to make sense, you have to go along with me on a couple of things:
1. "God" is not the person you think--not a person at all
2. We are equipped with "God"-like powers -- creation, love, etc.
3. The universe is subject to the conscious will of its inhabitants (see the video about Quantum physics and the Measurement problem posted in the metal-truth post)

Now. Prayer is a thought or thoughts. Those thoughts are energetic and affect the universe (humanity's collective will). By praying, we are attempting to alter the current course of our universe. By praying, we're petitioning the status-quo and sending out energy to change it. But this is the part where people think they're done! People think that prayer is a way of unloading your burdens and allowing the "God" or director of this universe to do all the work--

NO SUCH ENTITY EXISTS--except within our Selves.

We (as in You) as in our Selves (singular Self)--ME. I am the only one that is in charge of my universe. I am the God of my own life experience. I am the captain. I am the one who is in charge. Therefore, when I pray, I pray to myself.

That's right. When you pray, you're literally asking "God" or the true divine Self inside you--the divine stuff of which you are made--you're asking that stuff (your Self) to help your physical consciousness navigate the tangle of experiences we weave into what we call lives.

The power of prayer is real, but it is manifest within US. When you pray for help, or for blessings, you are asking your Self for guidance!

When you say, "God bless me, protect me..."--whatever--you're literally having a conversation with yourself. And I don't mean this in the Self way--I mean, you're talking to yourself.

WHEN YOU PRAY, YOU'RE TALKING TO YOURSELF. No one else is listening (unless you're in a group) except yourself. That being said, if you're your own "God," it is your DUTY to BLESS YOURSELF.

Praying for assistance is something that you can do. Many people believe that there are spiritual forces that exist outside of our physical realm that help us to navigate life, protect us, show us the way, etc...

But that assistance is manifested in your Self. You have to CHOOSE to pray to bless yourself. You can ask "God" all you want for the change you need in your life, but at the end of the prayer you're the only one that can do anything about it.

Prayer is all about our relationship with ourselves. Our Selves.

It is one of many ways to meditate (prayer is just a form of meditation). It allows you to alter your consciousness and focus on what your life needs. Prayer is a form of focusing, which I know I desperately need sometimes. It allows us to chill ourselves out, center our Selves and focus on what is really important (whatever that is for you).

Prayer allows us to physically and energetically manipulate our universe, and will something into being.

Now, that is Godly. We are Gods. That's cool to me!

But this prayer business works both ways. Just as we have the ability to bless ourselves, we must not forget that we have the ability to bless others. Every time I try to explain the concept of 'willing something into existence' someone always comes up with Africans who can't will food into existence, or whatever.

This is what I mean. WE have the capacity to bless. We are very good at blessing ourselves; too good at in my opinion. You see, just as we are blessed, others we know are NOT blessed. Why? Because we allow it to be so. We are fortunate! But others are not so fortunate. Does that mean that if we pray their condition will improve? Yes, it will. But it will improve much more rapidly and affectively if we realize our own ability to BLESS OTHERS.

If we pray for a problem to get fixed, we must be willing to RECOGNIZE THE OPPORTUNITIES THE UNIVERSE GIVES US TO FIX IT OURSELVES. "God" isn't going to fix it. "God" isn't going to build houses, or grow food for millions of people...

but we can. 

In short: the power of prayer works because our universe is a holographic reality that is a projection of humanity's collective consciousness. This universe is a "matrix" that we can affect and manipulate using our own Force power or will, using our own minds. People do this all the time--prayer, telekinesis, chi energy--they even reference these things in the movie The Matrix. The kid at the oracle's house says he asks the spoon to bend with his mind, and it does. People are capable of such feats. This reality is a projection that we all have the capacity to change. Our reality is what we WILL into existence. Through prayer/meditation/conscious thought, we can achieve change for good. So don't knock prayer--the name is cheesy, but the science behind it is real. And the universal consequences are real.

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Joy (When Will They Invent Manlier-Sounding Names For Touchy-Feely Emotions So I Don't Sound So Wussy)

I am beginning to learn about joy. I find myself experiencing it more and more now that I have finally learned how to let myself be my Self, and enJOY all of the combined experiences that we piece together into 'lives.' I revel in my life these days. I live in constant amazement of what we are capable of feeling and connecting with on a level that we can't quite describe--this is joy. I find sheer bliss in the fact that such simple things bring me joy: a song that recalls a memory or shared meaning, a crisp apple, a Blue Ridge mountain sunset.

In the very first bit of writing that I did to myself, I was trying to pinpoint what this emotion was, this pure elation that I was experiencing. I did the best I could to describe it, but none of my comparisons really did this feeling justice. I talked about it in my earlier post about "Feeling" in which I copied and pasted the excerpt. I'll do so again now for your convenience:

"When I try to use this URGE of creative feeling or happiness or love – it’s really none of those things – I can’t explain it. It’s just this EPIC feeling of ------- ?????? ------- I don’t know. It is a sense of purpose. I literally dream (as in have dreams) about standing up for what’s right and finding love."

There was a bit more to the beginning as you'll see in the previous post, but this briefly explains how I was feeling.

It was pure joy. I was experiencing joy for seemingly no reason at all. Only I should say, for every reason. I found joy in literally everything during these elated periods.

This joy that I feel is the very feeling that we search for our entire lives. This joy is the greatest and yet simplest form of validation from the energetic forces of the universe that you're doing all right. We search for this feeling in friendships, relationships, personal goals or ventures, etc.--whatever you're doing, you do it because you are looking for some kind of satisfaction from it. We do the things we do because we expect to receive some sort of gratification and personal gain, personal growth.

When we do things that are good for ourselves and each other, not only do we experience satisfaction, but we also experience joy.

The cool thing about joy is that there's never only one person that gets to experience it; joy is a shared emotional experience. Joy can be experienced by one individual, sure. But that individual cannot keep it to him or herself! Joy comes from the love and happiness shared by individuals on behalf of each other; joy comes from a shared (as in ownership of) love and happiness that transcends personal contentment. Joy comes from bestowing love and happiness unto others, and therefore unto yourself, and experiencing the mutual JOY that is created by sharing love.

Christmas, minus the commercialized exploitations of it, is our greatest reminder to share joy. We spend time with family, share gifts, love, fond memories, food--we do all of this in the spirit of joy. That's what Christmas is all about: sharing love and joy with each other. All of mankind.

I think that one of the main purposes of our lives on Earth is to experience the fullest life that we can. One of the best ways of doing that is sharing in the simple joys of our lives with others: family, friends, love, nature, etc... I could go on for decades. If we share the things we enjoy with others, we experience the same joy on a more personal, interconnected level. When we share joy with each other, it makes us feel like we belong. And that's all anybody ever wants.

Imagine you're the "God" or creative force behind this Earthly experience billions of years in the making--and all of a sudden you're given the opportunity to play with it! Now you have the capacity not only to witness this creation, but to exist within it and manipulate it--your very own real-life playground! That's what we've been given. More importantly, that's Who We Are. We're our own gods capable of that same creative manipulation. And the experience is even greater when we realize that we can share it with each other.


It gives me joy to share mine with other people. I kind of hope that's what inspires evangelists... I don't think I'm an evangelist in any way, but I do realize that sharing my thoughts on the universe and thangs makes me Pat Robertson. Not. I do not wish to convert anyone by sharing my thoughts. It brings me joy to better understand myself and others, and I think that would bring you joy, too.

I had to.