Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Joy (When Will They Invent Manlier-Sounding Names For Touchy-Feely Emotions So I Don't Sound So Wussy)

I am beginning to learn about joy. I find myself experiencing it more and more now that I have finally learned how to let myself be my Self, and enJOY all of the combined experiences that we piece together into 'lives.' I revel in my life these days. I live in constant amazement of what we are capable of feeling and connecting with on a level that we can't quite describe--this is joy. I find sheer bliss in the fact that such simple things bring me joy: a song that recalls a memory or shared meaning, a crisp apple, a Blue Ridge mountain sunset.

In the very first bit of writing that I did to myself, I was trying to pinpoint what this emotion was, this pure elation that I was experiencing. I did the best I could to describe it, but none of my comparisons really did this feeling justice. I talked about it in my earlier post about "Feeling" in which I copied and pasted the excerpt. I'll do so again now for your convenience:

"When I try to use this URGE of creative feeling or happiness or love – it’s really none of those things – I can’t explain it. It’s just this EPIC feeling of ------- ?????? ------- I don’t know. It is a sense of purpose. I literally dream (as in have dreams) about standing up for what’s right and finding love."

There was a bit more to the beginning as you'll see in the previous post, but this briefly explains how I was feeling.

It was pure joy. I was experiencing joy for seemingly no reason at all. Only I should say, for every reason. I found joy in literally everything during these elated periods.

This joy that I feel is the very feeling that we search for our entire lives. This joy is the greatest and yet simplest form of validation from the energetic forces of the universe that you're doing all right. We search for this feeling in friendships, relationships, personal goals or ventures, etc.--whatever you're doing, you do it because you are looking for some kind of satisfaction from it. We do the things we do because we expect to receive some sort of gratification and personal gain, personal growth.

When we do things that are good for ourselves and each other, not only do we experience satisfaction, but we also experience joy.

The cool thing about joy is that there's never only one person that gets to experience it; joy is a shared emotional experience. Joy can be experienced by one individual, sure. But that individual cannot keep it to him or herself! Joy comes from the love and happiness shared by individuals on behalf of each other; joy comes from a shared (as in ownership of) love and happiness that transcends personal contentment. Joy comes from bestowing love and happiness unto others, and therefore unto yourself, and experiencing the mutual JOY that is created by sharing love.

Christmas, minus the commercialized exploitations of it, is our greatest reminder to share joy. We spend time with family, share gifts, love, fond memories, food--we do all of this in the spirit of joy. That's what Christmas is all about: sharing love and joy with each other. All of mankind.

I think that one of the main purposes of our lives on Earth is to experience the fullest life that we can. One of the best ways of doing that is sharing in the simple joys of our lives with others: family, friends, love, nature, etc... I could go on for decades. If we share the things we enjoy with others, we experience the same joy on a more personal, interconnected level. When we share joy with each other, it makes us feel like we belong. And that's all anybody ever wants.

Imagine you're the "God" or creative force behind this Earthly experience billions of years in the making--and all of a sudden you're given the opportunity to play with it! Now you have the capacity not only to witness this creation, but to exist within it and manipulate it--your very own real-life playground! That's what we've been given. More importantly, that's Who We Are. We're our own gods capable of that same creative manipulation. And the experience is even greater when we realize that we can share it with each other.


It gives me joy to share mine with other people. I kind of hope that's what inspires evangelists... I don't think I'm an evangelist in any way, but I do realize that sharing my thoughts on the universe and thangs makes me Pat Robertson. Not. I do not wish to convert anyone by sharing my thoughts. It brings me joy to better understand myself and others, and I think that would bring you joy, too.

I had to.

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