Monday, January 21, 2013

Prayer, or Whatever--The Will to Change

I hate the word "prayer." It's thrown way too many people off for far too long, myself included. Praying sounds cheesy, or at least it did to me--I didn't like the idea of prayer. For me today, prayer is a simple form of meditation, or conscious thought.

My whole life I've felt like, "Why should I rely on someone else for something that I can do myself?" Prayer seems like a procrastination technique, a way to put off taking responsibility for the aspects of our lives that need work. It seems like if I'm praying to God, that means I feel like it's something that I can't do myself. I feel like if I'm praying, I've already given up.

But this is not true! Praying as we know it is so much simpler than we give it credit for.  When we pray, we're asking for something, or saying thanks (usually). But praying to a "God" that may or may not exist can seem pretty abstract if you're not religious. Mad people are not down with prayer.

I think people are afraid of prayer.

For two reasons:
1. They're not religious or weird enough to spend anytime praying to some entity that isn't going to answer anyway
2. #1 is not the case at all and we're just afraid to ask for help.

I'm not a religious person. I'm very spiritual, but I do not and have never really depended on any kind of religious background. I was taught the Lord's Prayer in church, prayed before dinner, and even tried my hands at prayer after getting caught for sneaking out of my house. But I have only recently understood prayer in its real or universal capacity, which is the only one that matters!

When people pray, we are praying to our Selves rather than what people call "God." "God" is simply the term people assign to the energetic life-force that surrounds us in our physical lives. "God" is many things, but to me he doesn't listen to prayers and he's not a man. He's not a "he," either. "God" is inside us--"He" is the very power that exists within ourselves. We are made in his image, with his capabilities for creation, love, etc... So now that I know what I think "God" is for me, I can explain prayer.

Praying in its most basic form is THOUGHT. Thought is where our universe is created. We don't realize it, but we shape the very fabric of our lives with our thoughts. These thoughts are translated into universal energy that travels and extends from us, from our electro-magnetic fields, outward into the universe like the ripples from throwing a stone into a body of water. These ripples affect the other parts of the pond, some more drastically so than others. This is how prayer affects our lives.

We're literally petitioning the universe for whatever it is that we need in our lives: courage, strength, money, love, etc...

What we want for our lives starts out as thoughts. These thoughts or prayers are not listened to or heard, but more or less travel the universe; the more time and ENERGY we put into something, the more likely we will come to see it manifested. It could be you pray for good health, or financial stability--whatever it is--the universe is an extension of our own minds, and we can affect it with our will.

That's all prayer is--our own will. If we will it, so it will be. If you put your mind to it, you can accomplish anything. These are old adages that we've heard for years. But they're true on a universal scale.

We have the power to bless ourselves, and the power to ask for help. Prayer is a universal lifeline, if you will.

In order for this to make sense, you have to go along with me on a couple of things:
1. "God" is not the person you think--not a person at all
2. We are equipped with "God"-like powers -- creation, love, etc.
3. The universe is subject to the conscious will of its inhabitants (see the video about Quantum physics and the Measurement problem posted in the metal-truth post)

Now. Prayer is a thought or thoughts. Those thoughts are energetic and affect the universe (humanity's collective will). By praying, we are attempting to alter the current course of our universe. By praying, we're petitioning the status-quo and sending out energy to change it. But this is the part where people think they're done! People think that prayer is a way of unloading your burdens and allowing the "God" or director of this universe to do all the work--

NO SUCH ENTITY EXISTS--except within our Selves.

We (as in You) as in our Selves (singular Self)--ME. I am the only one that is in charge of my universe. I am the God of my own life experience. I am the captain. I am the one who is in charge. Therefore, when I pray, I pray to myself.

That's right. When you pray, you're literally asking "God" or the true divine Self inside you--the divine stuff of which you are made--you're asking that stuff (your Self) to help your physical consciousness navigate the tangle of experiences we weave into what we call lives.

The power of prayer is real, but it is manifest within US. When you pray for help, or for blessings, you are asking your Self for guidance!

When you say, "God bless me, protect me..."--whatever--you're literally having a conversation with yourself. And I don't mean this in the Self way--I mean, you're talking to yourself.

WHEN YOU PRAY, YOU'RE TALKING TO YOURSELF. No one else is listening (unless you're in a group) except yourself. That being said, if you're your own "God," it is your DUTY to BLESS YOURSELF.

Praying for assistance is something that you can do. Many people believe that there are spiritual forces that exist outside of our physical realm that help us to navigate life, protect us, show us the way, etc...

But that assistance is manifested in your Self. You have to CHOOSE to pray to bless yourself. You can ask "God" all you want for the change you need in your life, but at the end of the prayer you're the only one that can do anything about it.

Prayer is all about our relationship with ourselves. Our Selves.

It is one of many ways to meditate (prayer is just a form of meditation). It allows you to alter your consciousness and focus on what your life needs. Prayer is a form of focusing, which I know I desperately need sometimes. It allows us to chill ourselves out, center our Selves and focus on what is really important (whatever that is for you).

Prayer allows us to physically and energetically manipulate our universe, and will something into being.

Now, that is Godly. We are Gods. That's cool to me!

But this prayer business works both ways. Just as we have the ability to bless ourselves, we must not forget that we have the ability to bless others. Every time I try to explain the concept of 'willing something into existence' someone always comes up with Africans who can't will food into existence, or whatever.

This is what I mean. WE have the capacity to bless. We are very good at blessing ourselves; too good at in my opinion. You see, just as we are blessed, others we know are NOT blessed. Why? Because we allow it to be so. We are fortunate! But others are not so fortunate. Does that mean that if we pray their condition will improve? Yes, it will. But it will improve much more rapidly and affectively if we realize our own ability to BLESS OTHERS.

If we pray for a problem to get fixed, we must be willing to RECOGNIZE THE OPPORTUNITIES THE UNIVERSE GIVES US TO FIX IT OURSELVES. "God" isn't going to fix it. "God" isn't going to build houses, or grow food for millions of people...

but we can. 

In short: the power of prayer works because our universe is a holographic reality that is a projection of humanity's collective consciousness. This universe is a "matrix" that we can affect and manipulate using our own Force power or will, using our own minds. People do this all the time--prayer, telekinesis, chi energy--they even reference these things in the movie The Matrix. The kid at the oracle's house says he asks the spoon to bend with his mind, and it does. People are capable of such feats. This reality is a projection that we all have the capacity to change. Our reality is what we WILL into existence. Through prayer/meditation/conscious thought, we can achieve change for good. So don't knock prayer--the name is cheesy, but the science behind it is real. And the universal consequences are real.

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