Wednesday, March 13, 2013

A Reflection on Self-Expression

Writing is my favorite art form. At first glance, it’s just text. All you can see and observe (without giving in to reading and understanding it) is contrast. Before there was writing, there was just a blank page, a white canvas. But as soon as the writing begins, the emptiness starts to disappear. All of a sudden, SUBSTANCE takes the place of EMPTINESS. By writing, you are literally filling a void.

When I was depressed, discouraged, and feeling unfulfilled by the world-path my Self and I had chosen, I started to write. I wanted to understand better what I was feeling. WHY did I feel like I wasn’t good enough? What about myself was I misunderstanding? Why didn’t I get satisfaction from what I was doing?

When we write, we take the purest form of What We Are and we share it. This is the purest form of What or Who We Are, and it’s called an idea.

When we share these ideas, we expose a little bit of Who We Really Are.

This is a divine act. Therefore, writing is a divine act.

Writing is an act of creation; it is one of many ways humans manifest their godly powers of creation and expression.

When we write, we establish a conscious connection with our inner Self. Just as with any other art form, we are expressing in real-time the “Stuff” residing in our bodies that makes us live.  

This “stuff” is called CONSCIOUSNESS.

Consciousness is the very substance that animates us.

When we attempt to express our Selves, or Who We Really Are, we better recognize that individual entity inside us. We are literally closing the gap between our physical and metaphysical manifestations of Self.

By doing this, we are better able to connect with and understand each other.

(This is why I dislike personal reviews and critiques of ANYTHING. Who is one individual to judge the way another individual feels? Maybe they’re not judging how he or she feels, but instead how effectively he or she communicates those feelings?

Well, whether or not they express them effectively is up to only one individual:
The artist. The author. The Soul that bore himself to others in hopes that they would see the beauty in Him. This is divine.

The act of expression is one in which an individual with something to say reaches out to its human counterparts and says, “Can no one else relate?”

“AM I ALONE?” it asks.

What critique is there that would answer that question? Who would jeer or criticize someone reaching out to others? And yet we do! We scorn others’ attempts at art, music, poetry or beauty.

We scorn self-expression, and cheapen it by comparing it to the works and expressions of others (both living and dead!).

We are all individuals. If you will, we are all separate, individual entities. So much so, that we could venture so far as to call each other “gods.”

We’re all gods. Therefore, no one should judge another unless he or she would like to be judged!

“God” is the only judge, the final judge (so say many religious texts). So if that is true, and we’re all gods, that means that we are free only to judge ourselves.

That being said, I am the only one who can judge me, and I can judge only myself. What anyone else makes of what I do or say is irrelevant.)

Writing, like all other forms of art, is a tool for expressing original ideas (the rawest versions of Self)—


Does this sound familiar?

“I think therefore I am.” –my main man, Descartes


Writing is creating. Creating is a divine (as in the purest form of ‘personal’) act. Therefore, writing is a divine act of creation.

All forms of art are used for one thing: expression. We as human beings long to express Who We Truly Are. We want others to know us better, and to see us for the beautiful, godly, creative beings that we are.

This is why music exists. This is why writing exists. Architecture, sculpture, athletics, acting, singing, dancing—


ART itself is a human response to whatever meaning we wish to convey. However these feelings or “moments of ‘being’” in which you feel connected to your Self, your soul, and your consciousness—these are the moments in which great works are inspired.

Writing is my favorite way to convey meaning and share ideas, but it’s also the way that I best learn about mySelf. Since I’ve started writing, I’ve figured out a lot about Who I Am. I want to do that person justice, and I want to share the meaning I've found with the people I love, but also with anyone who finds meaning in my expression of Self.

The whole point of all this is to share meaning and fulfillment. 

No matter who you are or whether or not you think you’re creative (because you definitely are), YOU HAVE SOMETHING TO SAY.

Your physical body is your pen, and your lifetime is your canvas. What do you wish to write today? What do you want the world to see? What do you wish to learn about yourself? What if you don’t know?

All you have to do is make the attempt. Inside your Self you will find the ideas you long to express, the meaning you long to share with the ones you love. And if you can't seem to find it, it's yours to create! But YOU have to start the dialogue; you have to look for your Self!

Man’s perspective of the world includes everything but himself because he sees from his own eyes. He cannot see what he looks like because his point of view is fixed inside himself. This is the plight of our Selves. We cannot know our True Self because we have no way of “seeing” it. But let’s introduce a looking glass—now man is able to see his own physicality for what it is. Because the mirror offers the exact opposite point of view, man is able to look at himself objectively instead of subjectively.


If we are unable to perceive our Selves (our consciousnesses) by looking from the inside out, we must introduce a looking glass—some act or thought process through which Our True Selves are revealed to us. This act or thought process is called "reflection." 

CREATIVITY is our inspiration, the bubbling-up feeling that makes us feel impossible to contain, unstoppable! Self-expression is a great way of showing yourself (your Self) or Who You Truly Are.

The process of “finding your Self” is called introspection or “soul searching;” it creates a metaphorical mirror/window to your soul/consciousness to help you decide Who You Really Are.

Any kind of self-expression is a way of bearing your soul and sharing your consciousness; it not only helps you understand your Self, but helps others to understand You.

All we want is to express ourSelves honestly and feel fulfilled…

 If only we would let each other!

I’m slowly realizing that the purpose of this life is to EXPRESS all that you are—your Individuality, your consciousness, your True Self. Not only will you be fulfilled, but will fulfill others also. “And there was much rejoicing.”

Express your Self.