Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Quantum Physics and Spirituality

Quantum experiment with space station over texas; manipulating photons-->quantum "spooky" entanglement theory being researched by the ISS. When one photon of the pair is manipulated in a lab in Texas, its identical/"twin" particle on the ISS will react in direct relation, despite any amount of space/distance in between.

"twin connection" or supernatural bond exists between twin siblings?
strong supernatural bond evident in a mother's relationship with her newborn child. She can often "sense" or know what the baby needs. experience a super-natural bond that exists within the mind? though it is supernatural/metaphysical, it can be felt (6th sense-ish) and known (experienced) in the mind

this spiritually-energetic force that binds our consciousness to our other lives and other individuals' consciousnesses will soon be discovered to be very real... I think quantum physics and the concepts realized by the spooky entanglement phenomenon will be the basis for a human understanding of the spiritual fabric (for lack of a better term) of our reality. "the force."


The excerpt above is the skeleton of an entry that I wanted to write back in the summer... Never really got around to fleshing it out, as you can tell, but there it is. What's interesting is what I wrote for myself this evening after further investigating some key concepts of quantum physics. After feeling like I had a better grasp of what quantum physics has set out to explore and reveal about our universe, I felt inspired to write. It's rare that this happens, so I went ahead and obliged myself. It's noteworthy to me because I just finished writing about quantum physics and this concept of a universal unity, a metaphysical/spiritual/quantum-physical connection between all living things, and all points in space and time. And thought, "Maybe I should put this on my blog." Weird, because I haven't written in here since March and had plans to delete it. But as soon as I open it up, I see some raw ideas about quantum reality. Anyway, here's what I wrote:


Well, it’s been a while since I’ve done this, but I’ve decided that if I really want to achieve the peace and change that I say I do, I’m gonna have to start doing something about it. That means writing, reading, meditating, working out with regularity, and keeping a positive and loving mental state—all while trying to achieve the earthly goals I’ve set for myself.

But what prompted this entry (after a lapse in writing) was my somewhat haphazard discovery of the importance of quantum physics. Totally random, yes, but that’s part of why I felt it was so compelling.

After spending some time reflecting on my day, I decided to start writing again for the sole (soul) purpose of communicating my thoughts with The Universe, The Divine, The Energy, The One Consciousness—and with what I would come to understand even better through my investigation of quantum physics: the True Unity of All Beings, All Minds, All Points in Time and Space, The Singularity, The Shared Consciousness that creates both our inner space and the universe in which we find ourselves.

I was checking my email when I got a notification about a World Meditation that’s going on from 12-1pm later today. That directed me to a Facebook event where I found various links to other spiritual/scientific/new-age “Like” pages. On one of these called spiritualer.com, I was looking at these 'inspirational' quotes over photographs (yes, the cheesy internet ones). Somehow amongst these posts, I read something or saw something that said SOMETHING about quantum physics, and all of a sudden I was like—“I wanna know about quantum physics.” So, I google “understanding quantum physics” (like a naiive jackass) and I watch seven 4-9 minute long videos by this Australian girl, who illustrated some basic concepts quite brilliantly. 

From there, I went on to read an essay, some Wikipedia explanations of concepts, and “quatum physics for dummies”-type articles online. Then I watched another ten-minute video about quantum physics and how our universe is essentially an illusion, producing/manifesting (seemingly) singular events in observable ‘locations’ in space-time (even though all possible events simultaneously occur and are connected in space-time). 

*Humans perceive time linearly, meaning it has a beginning and an end. However, time simply exists. The past, present and future are simultaneously occurring and do occur. The ‘time’ that we use to keep our lives in order is simply a measurement of movement, simply a measurement of an object through space. This is how we measure time—the “time” it takes for one object to move a distance through space. However, this observation is “relatively” (pun intended) arbitrary. Because all points in time and space are connected, time is irrelevant. If we were conscious enough to observe and intimately know this reality, we would be farther along in our exploration of the universe, our own inner space and ourselves as an individual entity expressing itself in all possible ways in the universe. In other words, we are all ‘one’ individual life-force—the creator, the observer, the participant, The living being, and the divine or metaphysical. We are all the same one. We are all of us, and each one every bit akin to the other. 

"I am he as you are he as you are me and we are all together."

We are all intimately connected, our experiences directly dependent on that of the other. That which we do to/for others, we do to/for ourselves. What an amazing universe this truly is.

And what’s more is that, for me, it starts to bridge the gap between science/reason and spiritual ‘reality’ that I am interested in exploring. Quantum physics and theory are the first signs of proof that the spiritual or metaphysical reality is not at all separate from science, but instead directly dependent upon it. This is the very fabric of our universe. As advanced a society as we are, we’re still barely scratching the surface of understanding the universe and the true nature of physicality; quantum physics, I hope, will shed more light on the common ground between mysticism and science on a universal scale.

I think quantum physics is essentially the clue to discovering that our ‘reality’ is merely a function of our own mind, and that our experience is a direct and immediate (because time is not real) response to what we create for ourselves. All we have to do is choose, and exercise the power of our beautiful, conscious minds to nurture our experience and the experiences of others. (Which begs the question: ARE WE FULFILLED BY THE EXPERIENCE WE’RE CREATING?)

Needless to say, I was inspired. I want to know. I am choosing, and I am knowing. The entire universe is mine to discover and revel in. I know it. I am it. I am constantly creating it, for myself and for others. And others are creating it with me. It is a collaborative effort on the part of all living beings, all that which is life. We are all creating for each other the experience that we share as One.

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