Wednesday, December 26, 2012

A Restored Faith In Humanity

I'm the first person that will tell you that the world sucks. It's a dark place with shitty people, and we're all fucked because we're too selfish to stop and help each other. We're far too concerned with our own stupid shit to which we give WAY too much meaning. We ignore the real world problems like hunger, genocide, racism, persecution of religious or sexual tendencies, etc.

We see it on the news all the time. We're doomed. The government is going to destroy our lives as we know it (as long as we don't do it first), and the world will become this even more disgusting place in which the relationships between human beings is 'dog-eat-dog' and every man for himself. 

We as human beings do not want to feel this way. We don't want to be depressed. We don't want to be cynical. We don't want to feel like we cannot affect a real change. We don't want to feel like we are of little consequence. 

And yet, we do. We still feel like this sometimes. Most of the time? All of the time? 

I know I did. I hated life. It was a huge fucking disappointment for me as soon as I realized that there was more to life than getting into a good school. 

I became a horrible cynic, depressed, defeated. I didn't care about normal things that I enjoyed. I didn't care about going to class. "For what?" I asked myself. 

So that I can learn about a world that is fucked? So that I can better realize and fully understand the continuous rape of our planet and its people? No. I resigned to a sad, bitterness that made me difficult to be around. And I'm sorry if I ever did that to you. I know I did it to a lot of my friends and family, and sometimes I still do. I apologize sincerely. 

You see, I was wrapped up in learning. Not about Spanish, or whatever else--scholastic things, hobbies--no, no, no. 

I explored conspiracies, UFOs, government cover-ups, assassinations, plans to diminish the world population through violent means, the New World Order, exploitation of peoples--entire countries--on our own behalf. 

I was enthralled with all of the darkest parts of humanity, the deepest darkest secrets. All of the terrible shit that no one should ever hear about--that's what I spent my time thinking about. 

I let my own anger and resentment of those terrible aspects of the world and our 'reality' change the way I felt and related to other human beings. I became cynical, angry, depressed, and eventually I felt like I wasn't even a real part of it anymore. 

I was "turned to the Dark Side." 

And I've lived that way pretty much since 2010. 

But through further investigating my Self, meditating, writing, exploring what it is to be a part of humanity, and feeling DRIVEN to change these terrible aspects of the world, my thinking has since changed. 

I read a book called Conversations with God by Neale Donald Walsch.  In this book, he has conversations with "God," his true Self, and he finally comes to a greater understanding that completely alters his world view. 

It's funny because I started writing in the exact some way two years prior to reading his book. I had already written about a lot of the concepts and ideas presented in his book! I felt so crazy sitting there reading it because sometimes there would be entire word-for-word phrases that he used that I had already written mySelf. This is how I knew that what I was reading was more than it was. I bought a highlighter just so I could underline some of the experiences that Walsch and I had shared, even though they were years apart. It was truth.

 I loved the book, but I came to a similar realization on my own. Through writing to myself, much like Walsch did, I found a greater connection to humanity and reality. Our world. Our Selves. My own Self. 

And I realized that this "gloom and doom" way of communicating and interacting with reality wasn't working out for me; it wasn't working out for what I wanted for my Self. 

So, I decided I would try to be positive, emit positive energy, good vibes, and live in a way in which I always felt like I had done the right thing. 

Since then, life has gotten EASIER. It's so easy! All you have to do is decide to live to your fullest maximum potential and realize that nothing will stop you! The government won't, taxes won't, people won't. 

People want others to succeed. At the very core of us, we're engineered for love. That love is universal. It is the strongest bond there is in our reality. And we have the capacity to create it. For others or ourselves, we can create it from nothing. It is merely a choice. 

Now for me, this was tough because I was so cynical and down on most things, that it made it difficult for me to love. I said in an earlier post that Someone Great told me that I must not forget to love. I love that Someone, and that Someone loves me. We are connected in that way; we share a bond that no one, nothing can penetrate. It is love, but in a universal sense. It is a deeper connection. Love is the realization of a deeply energetic connection that physically and metaphysically exists between two people. Or a family. Or two best friends. OR ALL OF US. 

But what took me a long time to realize is that WE ALL LOVE EACH OTHER. We do. 

Some realize it more than others, and they display and live in that love on a daily basis. You know these people. They inspire you. They make you feel loved. They make you feel like you're a part of this greater interconnected humanity. 

These people are saints, they are angels. They are just people, but to us, they're more than that. They are our saviors. Jesus was one of these people. Ghandi was one of these people. Mother Theresa. 

I am one of these people. You are one of these people. We are these people. 

We all are. 

And the sooner we realize our amazing capacity for love and understanding, the sooner the world in which we live will become a Heaven on Earth. 

Christians, I'm gonna pick on you. I hate the idea that you have to die in order to get to know God, Jesus or Heaven. I hate the idea that you must go to church to hear the word of God. I hate the idea that as soon as church is out, it's back to the "dog-eat-dog" way of life. 

I can criticize because I lived that myself. I know what that feels like. And it's not satisfying. 

Through loving each other, we can know God. God is love. God is in us. We are love. We share and create meaning for each other through a strong bond or connection called love. 

If everyone knew this and lived it, we would live in a heaven on Earth. You don't need church to prove it to you. Church is great, and it's a great tool for sharing love and remembering your deeper connection to humanity and ourSelves, but it's not everything. Plenty of people who go to church leave and act like assholes. They forget to love. 

So today, I wanted to share two video clips with you, both talking about love. The first one is a series of clips from one of Jim Carrey's speeches about his realization of this deeper connection to humanity. It's really cool.

(If you read my previous post about FEELING, this clip will prove it)

The second one is a little bit longer. It's about an amazing teacher who has also realized his deeper connection to humanity. Only his own son and daughter helped him to do it. It's a beautiful story that will make your heart grow "3x its normal size"--

I'll end there for now, but I implore you--feel love. Give love. Receive it. Know your very real connection to all of us. I love you. I love me and my Self. It's a beautiful life we've been given, but some of us have forgotten what it's about. I'm doing my best to remember, and I'm on my way to creating the reality, the world, the love that I want to live in and share. 

Love your friend and human counterpart,


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