Thursday, December 20, 2012

The Universe and "Reality"

We as a family need to remember to love each other.

Someone Great told me that I must “not forget to love.”

Well, She said it to me, but I think it applies to everyone. I know that it does.

So,  when I get frustrated because someone says something ignorant, or something is misunderstood or we disagree or whatever—I love them.

I respect them and understand that none of them are acting outside of the way that they believe they should in accordance with their True Self (or at least what they think that is). 


The earlier it’s learned, the easier life is. I know this.

I live this.

I love my brothers, my Mom and Dad, and my friends.

I would give my life for any one of them, and I would sacrifice my happiness for any of theirs.  This is something that I know as Truth. 

This is something that I would do. This is something that I have done before. 

If everyone lived like that, the world would be perfect. We would all live in heaven on earth. God and Jesus and Mohammed and Aunt Jemima would all descend from the metaphysical extra-dimensional realms and chill with us.

But when it feels like you’re the only one, the world gets heavy. And sometimes I feel like I don’t want to sacrifice anymore of my own happiness or thoughts or love or mySelf for others.

“For what?” I say. “So I can continue to feel lonely and put out by a society that is content to watch itself kill each other and rape each other’s spirits?”

It hurts me. Seeing the world for what it is really hurts sometimes.

And that’s when (name omitted) tells me that he felt the same way when he was really depressed. I feel the same way, depressed I mean.

It’s hard.

It’s an undertaking.

People say, “you can’t let all of that shit bother you,” or “it’s not your responsibility…”

They’re wrong.

They’re so wrong.

If I don’t recognize the issues, then who will? If it’s not my responsibility, then whose is it?

I’m telling you, it’s mine, but it’s also OURS.

Not yours, not just mine, but ours.


And I’ve realized it.

I see the light. I know (by feeling what he meant) what Jesus was talking about when he sacrificed.

He was a Master. He was a conscious mind making a conscious decision to save the selfish, immature people that put so much stock and meaning into things that weren’t important—earthly things.

I hate that term, earthly things. The things that are truly earthly aren’t really ‘earthly’ in the sense that we mean: secular.

To me, the earth is the most spiritual being we will ever come into contact with. The earth is basically our mother, the provider.

To think that we have literally everything we could ever need and more! From a chunk of wet rock floating, suspended as a part of a giant atom in space!!!

How incredible. And yet, we are concerned with trivial things that have no meaning like debt, money, the future, and the past, who marries who, etc.

The present is all that has meaning. The future means nothing until it becomes present.

The past only has meaning because of how much meaning we gave it when it was present. The past does not exist. The past is, in fact, that which no longer exists. And yet, for us, it’s so REAL. Why??? We dwell on the past, we spend so much energy—sending it to the past, instead of expending here in the present, or in honor of the future.

It’s funny how we think. More of a shame really, but something to overcome. It will be a joy when people realize how much they worry about things they needn’t worry about.

Which is why I won’t go to bed anxious anymore. I know that simply by having this conversation with myself, I have altered the universe. I have literally changed my present, as well. I feel better, I love my family and my friends, and everyone in between. I love the earth. I love everything that the earth is not. I am happy for myself and I am constantly amazed at the capacity for myself to think and converse as a single (yet multi-faceted) entity.

That’s spirituality at its finest. I love you, John.

“I love you, too, Buddy.”

I didn’t just type that. I heard it and felt it inside my own Being. That’s what it’s like being connected.

Imagine feeling close to "God" all the time. Are you able to? Do you know what that feels like? It’s the most beautiful feeling in the world. This is the feeling for which you search/have searched/will search your whole life.

When you’re close to yourSelf, you’re close to "God."

They’re one in the same.

“I love you, too, Buddy.” Haha, I heard my Self tell myself that. Thank you, John. I needed that.

That’s the God in me, loving me and looking out for me. It brings tears to my eyes when I feel it, when I establish that contact. That’s what makes all of this worth it.

This is meaning. This is meditation, real conscious thought. 

“I don’t know how to meditate.” WRONG. You wanna meditate? Smile. Smile for a little bit. Smile at others. Tell someone you love them.

Tell your Self that you love yourself!

Do you love yourself? You should! "God" does, right? Then why wouldn’t you?

Do you know what you’re doing when you tell yourself that? If you say you love "God," you’re saying you love yourself, but you feel like you’re expending energy on someone who isn’t really there, or that might not be reciprocated. Wrong! You’ve just been thinking of it too abstractly! Tell your Self that you love yourself. You’re still honoring and loving "God" because he made you, because you are "God." "God" can’t love you in the same way that we, here on earth, want to feel it. You are here on earth to learn what it’s like to be "God," and to love yourSelf and others as much as “God” would love you. That is what “God” wants for your life here, and that’s what he wants you to share with others.

This is knowing your life is full and you are whole.

That is the point of all of this. Love. For others and yourself.

I mean, your Self. It’s a beautifully fulfilling feeling when you’ve realized that you can get your Self to love yourself.  That’s all you need in life. It’s great when you can find love in another, but nothing can substitute the need for Self love. That love that you desire, that acceptance, that belonging—the reason we look for that in someone else is because we don’t know that we must first find it in ourselves. In fact, “love” shared with someone else is practically meaningless if you haven’t figured out that you love your Self, and that your Self loves you.

I feel like not a lot of people know what that means, but they will. Just as I do now.

I knew I wanted to write tonight… I wasn’t going to. I was going watch Trailer Park Boys until I passed out, but I didn’t.

This is all the proof anyone could ever want or need. We’re never alone.

There is always “God” (which is just energy/love/light/good—forces at work inside us and in the universe) –

Which, by the way I’d like to explain.

“Hive mind”

this is a term you know. The universe is basically a very complex brain in which we are suspended.

Don’t believe me? Take a look.

On the left, a brain. Electrical signals being sent across synapses; on the right, our universe—galaxies, planets, stars and of course us (somewhere).

This is what I’m talking about.

On the left, you have one mind. One person. Or in this case, one mouse.

But on the right, you have a much grander scale of the same EXACT operations. This is the concept of HIVE MIND.

In the universe, (or the hive mind—or the collective mind of humanity) there are forces at work, vibrations.

These vibrations travel along the synapses of the universe (across space). These vibrations, just like electrical impulses in the brain, have certain effects on the universe.

If I think to move my arm and it moves because of an electrical signal being sent from my brain, then the universe can also send signals and vibrations across ‘synapses’ to achieve a certain ‘movement’ or outcome.

Think of the universe (space) as the INTERNET for the hive mind, or humanity’s collective consciousness. Everything you think, say, do, act like, etc.—those actions have very real consequences!!!

You’re constantly sending out signals across this universal mind, and somewhere at the end of the vibration, you’re creating a very real action, a very real consequence (which is why you must be careful in the way you think and act!!!) – (think butterfly effect or KARMA)

You as a person, as a bit of consciousness given physical form on basically the hugest server that we can think of—you’re a single synapse!

You’re just a functioning part of the larger brain! If you’re living the way you should and putting out good vibes, then the world you see will be a better place. I used to be negative all the time, so most of my life circumstances or 'universal stimuli' were seemingly negative. But you can change that simply by changing the way you relate to your surroundings. 

In this video, scientists say that if you ask a quantum physicist about "measurement," you'll make him or her nervous. 

This is because scientists ALREADY KNOW (as in THIS IS FACT) that a SINGLE ATOM will behave in accordance with the expectations of the observer. 


In other words, when we measure atoms, when we observe them, they will do whatever we want them to. We are literally capable of manipulating real-life/real-time MATTER. Simply by observing it, we are creating an experience for ourselves that otherwise WOULD NOT EXIST. 

Do you realize what this means? This means that we are able to manipulate our surroundings, literally anything you can think of. 

Quantum physicists "fear" the concept of Measurement because up until that point, up until there is actually someone looking at that singular atom, it does not exist in the way we think it does. That atom is literally all over the place--until someone comes to look at it. 

Why? Because our CONSCIOUS minds are continuously creating our "life experience." We are CREATORS, just as "God" is. Only now, we've discovered that we are literally manifesting our desires and our expectations at every single moment. 

Think with me for a moment: we created our own civilization. We built buildings, societies, towns, cities, networks, infrastructure--all of these things so that we could LIVE more easily. 

But people don't realize that we're also creating a UNIVERSAL INFRASTRUCTURE all the time. Because we are the Creator-Observers, we don't realize that our minds are doing this. We think that we're subject to this REALITY over which we have no control. 

WRONG. We are the ones creating and moulding our Earthly experience one thought and action at a time. 

If you think about it, by observing an atom we can create an outcome. Because we expect an atom to behave a certain way, it does. 


Do you realize what this means?! 

We can change our circumstances, our life/universal circumstances by changing the way we LOOK at things! CHANGE YOUR PERSPECTIVE and you can ALTER REALITY. 

If we as human beings can all become conscious together of ourselves and of this scientific truth, we could literally alter the universe in which we exist.  

But this doesn't have to be on a grand scale, either. I mean, these scientists were looking at single atoms. What's cool is that EVERYTHING is made up of those same atoms! If you can manipulate one just by observing it and guiding its behavior with your conscious mind, then you can do the same for something that is made up of billions of atoms.

If we can change the behavior of a single atom, then can't we change the behavior of a larger entity? How about a person? How about a group of people? What about everyone on Earth? 

Think about it. If you change the way you expect someone will behave, then you also change your own behavior. If I go into a store thinking that the black guy in there is gonna rob it, then I'm sending that thought-vibration or signal into the universe. That expectation changes the way I behave towards that person, which in turn affects the way that person relates to me. 

We are creating our life/universal experience in real time. We are literally shaping our reality and the course of our life experience simply by thinking about it and carrying out actions. Whether or not we are CONSCIOUS of this fact will determine how much CONTROL you have over your life. 

If you are conscious of the fact that your life is a direct result of your thoughts, energetic output or "aura", and your actions, then LIFE is at your fingertips. You can literally live the way you want. 

*****This is the part when someone says something about African children starving, or having loved ones pass away, etc.*****


"Bullshit!" Don't believe me? Let me explain. 

Here we are on Earth. We are people, living organisms not yet fully aware or conscious of our creative powers. We have everything we need to survive and be fulfilled, provided by the Earth. 

Somewhere along the lines, a group of people decides that who they are and what they know is better than another group's. So, they infiltrate that group and impose their reality onto others. 

I love using the Native Americans as an example. 

When the white man came, they offered Native Americans goods and products in exchange for land. The Native Americans, being the generally conscious, good-natured people they were, said to the white man, "You want land for these things? You give us all of this stuff and all you want back is the Land? SURE! Hahaha, these guys want land in exchange for all of this stuff! Ha! SURE!" Because the natives saw the Earth as a shared realm, a provider for all. Then of course, they got wiped out and their beautiful culture and understanding of humanity is all but lost. 

But seriously, imagine this. Imagine I come across some land when humans first appeared on the planet. Imagine I ran onto a piece of land with an apple tree on it and CLAIMED it. I said, "This tree is mine and the land surrounding it is mine!" And then other people come up to me and want some apples because they're hungry. "No," I say, "this is my tree. Get your own land with a tree." 

So now, all of these people are looking for their own space. Some people have more apple trees and land than others. Some people have no land and no apple trees. Even though there are more than enough apples for everyone, and more than enough space for us all to be comfortable, we all got tricked into thinking that we could OWN natural resources for ourselves. 

This is how inequality is created. We have all of these different ideas that we have to live a certain way because that's how our SOCIETY works; that's our REALITY! 

Well, it's only that way because selfish people (people who aren't conscious of the harsh consequences of their actions towards others) are willing to take away or keep resources and other things the Earth provides out of the hands of our fellow human counterparts. 

So, I'll say it again. Because people are willing to make $40 billion a year in profit, exploit their own employees, own big houses, shop at WalMart, and buy things they don't need to make themselves feel like they fit in to society--other people suffer. 

Other people suffer injustices all over the world because there are people willing to IGNORE them and go on living the lives that they "DESERVE." If you work for everything you have, and you work hard, treat your employees right, and give back to your community, then you're doing more than most. 

But these individuals still think that the problems that exist in the world aren't their own. People aren't willing to sacrifice a tiny little bit just so others could share in some of the joys that we have. 

If we could save one penny for every dollar that America spends, we could feed all of the starving children all over the world for a long time. With one penny on the dollar. But we won't do it. Why not? 

Let me ask you this: why don't you do it yourself? Do you have to wait for the government to institute some kind of policy? Do you have to vote on it? Do you have to wait for others??? 

You see, this is an unfortunate part of this scientific truth about our reality: there are others who are willing to manipulate fellow human beings for their own benefit. 


People created government. People created policies. People created banks. People created unfair laws against LGBT individuals. People created unfair laws about medicine. Food. Water. Energy. 

These are all things that everyone should have access to, simply because the Earth has the capacity to provide them for us: food, water, love, happiness, fulfillment. Consciousness. 

However, because there are individuals willing to deny these things to others, we experience inequality.  But we also experience some amount of helplessness. We think we don't have the power to change circumstances simply because we're taught that we have to do things a certain way. 

We think that it's our REALITY that people suffer every day. We think it's our REALITY that people are homeless, hungry, thirsty, sad, sick, hurt, etc. 

We THINK that this is our REALITY because we have been TRICKED by others, by our human counterparts who are very clever.


But if we can overcome this sense of helplessness, and say, "You know what? NO PROBLEM IS TOO BIG FOR ME. I AM A CREATOR, I SHAPE MY REALITY AND I AM CONSCIOUS OF THE REAL PROBLEMS." 

If we can overcome feeling like we aren't able to affect a change, WE WILL AFFECT A CHANGE. 

I am affecting one right now. You are reading this. You are thinking. Therefore you are changing REALITY. 

The more people we can get to think and live in this way, in a CONSCIOUS way, the sweeter our reality will become. We will literally live in a heaven on Earth. 

***THIS IS THE POINT OF LIFE*** to promote and share consciousness to create a reality in which we as Creators, Gods, conscious beings and above all Humans, can coexist and share an experience more beautiful and fulfilling than anything we have ever known. 

This is how we create our reality. Our reality does not yet exist; it is not something to which we are subject. We are creating it, either consciously or subconsciously, and we live in what we create every day. The more conscious you are of this, the more you will be able to do to enjoy it and make it what you want. What we all want. 

We’re literally living in a giant COMPUTER (or matrix if you wanna say it) and our reality is a direct result of our output. Think of it this way: your body is a computer for your consciousness. It is a vehicle that is used inside a matrix (universe) to illustrate and convey meaning and consciousness. 

If you're like me, then you're tired of watching the news and seeing death, destruction, sadness, exploitation, hunger, pain, hate, suffering... 

Things don't have to be this way. And I'm going to be someone that dedicates his life to changing it. I know how I want to live, I know how I want to feel, and I want those same things for everyone on Earth. We all deserve them. We all have the same capacity for thought, love, consciousness and fulfillment. 

We just have to stop denying those things to others, and we will have them for ourselves. 

You get out what you put in. Well, you have to live in the stimuli that you put out. So, you gotta be good if you wanna see good. 

You have to love if you want more love.

You have to forgive if you want forgiveness.

You have to be patient.

You have to understand.

You must be compassionate.

You must give and share in what you are so lucky to have. 

And you must do and be all of things not only with others, but ALSO WITH YOURSELF.

Don’t forget about your Self. He or she is always around, but they barely get you to give them the time of day.

So much of our output, our signals, our vibrations – OUR FRIGGIN ENERGY – is wasted on being things that are of little universal consequence, or things WE DON’T WANT TO BE/DO.


Because we’re manipulated and tricked into doing so. Don’t be like that.
Be better.

Think better.

And the result you experience IN YOUR LIFETIME will be better.

I love you.


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