Thursday, December 20, 2012

An introduction:

I created this blog because I've been writing thoughts and meditations pretty much non-stop for the last three years. I have a Word document on my computer filled with pages of thoughts, ideas, memories--anything about this life that I deemed worth thinking about or remembering. It's helped me to understand the person that I am, and learn a lot of important lessons from myself. It helps me to remember Who I Am, and get to know myself better. It is my sincerest hope that you will find some meaning in the Truths that I have found exploring the universe inside all of us. There is an infinite source of energy and consciousness--sheer Capactiy--inside our minds, inside of our Selves. The purpose of this life is to become conscious of ourSelves and others, and to share in a reality created by consciousness. Together, through collective consciousness, we can alter our universal circumstances and change our reality. Thoughts are energy. That same energetic thought slowed down becomes matter, action, vibration. Through action change is achieved. If we can focus our thoughts on changing our reality and becoming conscious, eventually we'll stop thinking and start doing and being. I hope these thoughts will move you to take action and take responsibility for your part in a shared reality. Reality is what we create it to be. It is time we remember and act accordingly. Thank you for your consideration of what I consider to be a huge part of Who I Am.

Love, Peace and Good Vibes,


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